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Frequently Asked Question:

We have selected the most frequently asked question. Before emailing us a question please review the list below to see if the question has already been answered. This list of questions is not restrictive, so you may have other questions that are not answered, do not hesitate to contact us:

We are willing to answer any question. We appreciate any comments.

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How do I order from WKC?

  • From WKC Website:

1. click on the sword category you are looking for. Then select your item and click on the button ‘’order’’.
2. the item will be placed in your shopping basket.(Note that you may add any other item by using the button ‘’Add more items’’). Click on the button ‘’bestellen/order/commander’’
3. Fill the page with your data. Click on the button ‘’next’’
4. choose the method of payment and delivery. Click on the button ‘’next’’
5. IMPORTANT: You have to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions and confirm you are over 18 years old. Click on the button ‘’next’’
7. Check your order. Click on the button ‘’order’’

  • Ordering by email or fax:

(Please note that ordering by email or fax, the process of your order may be slower than through the website, therefore we advice you to use the ordering system from our shop online)

In case you choose to order by email or fax, we need the following information:

- Reference of the items
- Description of the items
- Unit price
- Quantity
- Total price
- Your complete address with phone n° for UPS delivery
- Your way of payment
- copy of your ID


Why should I accept the WKC Terms & Conditions?

The terms & condition regulate a contract between you and WKC. That includes also the detail delivery times and return policies. If you do not accept the WKC terms & conditions no contract can be made between you and WKC. So please check our terms and conditions terms and Conditions.

Can I get discount for a large order?

WKC is always considering request, please send us your request with the quantity you are looking for. We will be pleased to make an offer and we will send you further information on our discount rates and policies.

I have some trouble to order online: What shoud I do?

You may call our customer service at +49 (0)212 31 20 77 or fax us at +49 212 316183 or email at and we will have pleasure to help you.

What happens if the item I purchase is out of Stock? Can I still get order it?

This means that all products have been sold and a production is running to compensate the missing item. Production delay is around 4 to 6 weeks. You may still maintain your order which will be sent in the shortest time possible. In any case, we always try hard to make delivery as fast as possible. We will keep you update by email or fax or phone call depending on your order way.

Shipping and Delivery

How long is your delivery time?

Generally, we try to keep all items in stock. We have everyday shipping that go out. If the item you are looking for is in stock and that it is not customized items the delivery can go out within the next 2 days. Orders are shipped through UPS that deliver without 2-3days. (But, please note that we have no control on UPS delivery).

What do I do if I need an express delivery?

When ordering, please contact us by phone at +49 (0)212 31 20 77 or fax us at +49 212 316183 or email at, and inform us that you wish a EXPRESS DELIVERY. Please note that all EXPRESS DELIVER will be billed according to the rate of UPS Express delivery.

To which countries do you deliver?

WKC delivers worldwide.

How much are the costs for delivery of the KATANA?

European Union: Free shipping within European Union – All orders over 350 € with Tax. UPS ground.
Outside European Union: 65,00 euro.

What about the customs? Do I have to pay any additional charges?

European Union: All deliveries within European Union have no additional charges neither customs fees.
Outside European Union: You may contact us.

My order has arrived damaged. What can I do ?

Must be returned within 14 days of invoice date. We inspect every sword and saber before shipping, so if the item arrives damaged, please call us immediately at +49 212 312077, or e-mail us at Provide us with the reception report of the freight company. Customized swords like laser etched swords/sabers: non-returnable unless the sword/saber is defective.

My order has arrived incomplete. What can I do ?

You may first check is the quantity items received corresponds to the delivery note or invoice you get.

If yes: That means your order has been sent partially due to a longer delay on some of the ordered items. The missing items will be delivered in the shortest time possible in the Back-order delivery.
If not: Please call us immediately at +49 212 312077, or e-mail us at Provide us with the reception report of the freight company. Some boxes got lost. We also ship some orders in several packages in order to avoid damaging of the goods. All boxes are tracked so we should find them.

Methods of payment

How can I pay for my order?

You have different options of payment: Please note that orders will be send only when the complete payment is on our account.

1. Via our web shop, you may follow the instructions and different proposal you will find in our shop system which is also secured.
2. Credit Card ((VISA, MASTER). You may phone +49 212 31 20 77 or fax us + 49 212 31 61 83 your credit card n° and ex. Date with the 3 last number behind your credit card.
3. Bank transfer: You may transfer the amount of your order. Please contact us so that we inform you about our bank details.
4. By Check: To WKC and sent to WKC – Wittkullerstrasse 140 – 42719 Solingen – Germany.

Why is it better to purchase a forged blade?

The forging process defines the Japanese Samurai Sword. Authentic Samurai Swords were hand forged. A lot of companies are selling different types of steel swords. Most of the time these blades are not forged and therefore do not have the integrity of a forged blade. The forging provides the best and equal dispersion of carbon throughout the steel so as to achieve an excellent strength of the blade which you will never get with modern blades that are stamped or milled out by the 1000’s without any dispersion of the carbon. Our smith has a complete control and freedom to determine how much each blade needs to be worked in order to achieve the best results.

Each hand-forged blade is also a unique piece that no one else has as it comes out of the traditional forging process.

What are the steps in forging a Katana?

Step 1: Forging
Hand forging consists in hammering a billet of high carbon steel in a way to get the shape of the blade. The forging provides the best and equal dispersion of carbon throughout the steel so as to achieve an excellent strength of the blade.

Step 2: Shaping
The blade, which is still not hardened at this stage, is shaped depending on the dimensions required.

Step 3: Tradition Clay-wrapping
To get the differential hardening, the blade is hand-covered by special clay, with different thickness near the edge (thinner) and the rest of the blade (thicker) in a way to get different cooling. This results in getting hard edge and softer back.

Step 4: Quenching
At this stage, a special know-how is required. The blade is heated to a predetermined temperature and quenched in a water bath. This step will determine the shape, hamon, sori and straightness of the blade. The quality mainly depends on the skill of the craftsman.

Step 5: Sori
The curvature (sori) is made according to the balance point and point of percussion depending if the blade will be used for cutting or slashing.

Step 6:
Final hand-polishing is made to provide an excellent finishing and to get the best visual effects of the hamon line and different hardening areas.

What is the difference between the 4 types of steel you propose?
We propose the following type of steel that correspond to different forging process:

Spring steel (C55Si7): The steel is hand forged and is hardened in a traditional way so that the Mune is 55° and the Ha (blade edge) is 55° HRC Rockwell.

High Carbon steel (C105 W2): The steel is hand forged and is differentially hardened by traditional clay-wrapping technique so that the hardness of the Mune is ca 43° and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 60° HRC Rockwell.

Folded steel (45C & C55Si7): 2 steels are hand forged and 13 times folded to achieve ca. 8192 layers traditional clay-wrapping technique for differential hardening. There are some hada (grain in steel, pattern of folding the steel) in the blade. The hardness of its Mune is ca 43° and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 60° HRC Rockwell.

Tamahaganes series: The blade is forged from 2 sorts of steel, the softer C45 is embedded into the harder C105. This forging art comes from the Japanese model Makuri which was taught in Japan since centuries but only to the best smith. The two steel are forged up to 26000 layers and thanks to the traditional clay-wrapping technique for differential hardening, you can see the martensite crystals and the Hamonlinie. This is made visible with our carbon steel blade only by manual polish. The hardness of the Mune is ca 61° HRC and the Ha (blade edge) is ca 48° HRC.

All blades are sharpened.

Why your HAMON line is not as visible as with other producers?

The blade is heated to a predetermined temperature and quenched in a water bath. This step will determine the shape, hamon, sori and straightness of the blade. The Hamon we get on the blade is REAL as we do not make it with sandblasting or etching (except stainless steel). The differential hardening is really existing and created by the heat treatment. It is not a surface treatment.

How do you measure the blade length?

The blade length is measured from the Habaki to Kissaki (point). See the following drawing.

What is the meaning of without Niku?

Our blades are very sharp edged with a "flatsided" edge geometry (not clamshell shaped) as describe in the following pictures:

Can I get a personalized item?

Yes, we can propose you personalized item. But note that you will be charged some additional cost and delivery time maybe longer. Please consult us for any special request. To be able to inform you in the best conditions, we need to know exact details on what you are looking for. Thank you

What is the ISO certification?

WKC is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 since March 2000: We at WKC, think that you deserve the best service, quality and warrantee. That is why, we submit ourselves to the ISO certification. The ISO certification is not a self-checking that any company can claim. To be certified is the result of going through a procedure. We are controlled by an official external organization. It is a guarantee for you that you get a high quality service. Check yourself, how many producers of edged weapons are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.
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